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Jane Withers
"Dixie's Dainty Dewdrop"
Born in Atlanta, Georgia
on April 12, 1926

Jane Withers classic child actress photo

Jane Withers was a pudgy youngster with a round face and innumerable freckles. She had tremendous vitality and a boundless imagination, two qualities that were responsible for her being cast predominately in the role of a wild-eyed, mischievious child. She was born a talented impressionist and dancer, and at the age of four played the vaudeville circuit in Atlanta.  She also made numerous radio appearances and had the distinction of having her own program. She was known to listeners as "Dixie's Dainty Dewdrop." Her big break came in 1934 when, during a screen test,  Fox director David Butler noticed her imitation of a machine gun and signed her on the spot. In 1937 she ranked sixth among the top ten box office draws, and did so appearing mainly in low budget productions.  Many people remember her today as Josephine the Plumber in the Comet TV commercials. --edited from "Those Endearing Young Charms," by Marc Best

Jane Wiitters with her father Janew Withers as an adult photo

307 ~ Jane Withers "Paddy O'Day" 308 ~ Jane Withers with Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer303 ~ Jane Withers portrait302 ~ Jane Withers autographed photo306 ~ Jane Withera and Jackie Searle

602 ~ Jane Withers postcard311 ~ Jane Withers with Slim Summerville in "Can This Be Dixie"310 ~ Jane Withers and Alfalfa in "Wild and Wooly" 309 ~ Jane Withers in "Wild & Wooly" 604 ~ Jane Withers color card

304 ~ To Jack, From Jane314 ~ Jane in "Paddy O'Day" 301 ~ Jane in "Rascals," 1938 305 ~ Jane growing up301 ~ Jane Withers wardrobe photo603 ~ Jane Withers autographed photo