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Links, Sources and Resources

Internet Movie Database The Internet Movie Database provides detailed information on all of the stars and movies you have ever heard of, and thousands more.
Turner Classic Movies Even if you do not get the Turner movie channels, this is a great web site for those who love classic movies. Links all over the web.
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times Roger Ebert's one minute reviews will help you to quickly decide what movie to go to today.
Classic Images Classic Images is the definitive magazine for classic movie fans. There are ads, articles, information about collector shows, and more. Highly recommended.
If you have a quantity of photos to sell, contact me. If you just have a couple of photos and want to know what they are worth, look them up on ebay. If you want to buy photos ebay is a good source, but beware of some people selling photos from newspaper archives. My experience has been that many of their photos are badly damaged.
The Moving Picture Boy The Moving Picture Boy by John Holstrom is probably the best book ever written on child actors. It has 551 pages with more than 700 photographs and covers performers from all the world's film-making countries. Published in 1996 and usualy available from I have never seen such a comprehensive book on child actresses.
Those Endearing Young CharmsTheir Hearts Were Young and Gay Those Endearing Young Charms and Their Hearts Were Young and Gay were written by Marc Best in 1971 and 1975. While not as comprehensive as The Moving Picture Boy, they contain child actresses as well as child actors, and each star included has more pictures. Usually available from
Hollywood Kids Hollywood Kids by Thomas G. Aylesworth was published in 1987. It has a lot of good information and nice pictures on glossy paper, but it is not written in the encyclopedia format of the above two books.