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Billy and Bobby Mauch
The Mauch Twins
Born in Peoria, Illinois
onJuly 6, 1924

Billy MauchBobby Mauch child star publicity photo

Billy and Bobby Mauch were identical twins. When Billy was cast in Anthony Adverse, Bobby was to be his stand-in for unimportant scenes. Once the film was completed, however, the twins revealed to director Mervyn LeRoy that that had taken turns playing the lead role throughout the movie, confident that no one would notice. They are said to have played the same trick during the filming of The White Angel, where Billy again was cast as the lead. The only noticeable difference between them as boys was that Billy is left-handed, and Bobby is right-handed. (Edited from The Moving Picture Boy, by John Holmstrom.)

Billy and Bobby Mauch, The Mauch Twins

Bobby Mauch child actor photoBilly and Bobby Mauch in The Prince and The Pauper

Billy and Bobby Mauch, The Mauch TwinsBobby and Billy Mauch, The Mauch Twins photoMauch Twins in The Prince and The Pauper

Mauch Twins in Anthony Adverse studio photoBilly Mauch in Penrod and SamThe Mauch Twins in The Prince and The PauperBilly Mauch in Penrod and Sam

Mauch Twins with Eroll FlynnMauch Twins in Penrod and His Twin Brother