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David Ladd
Born David Alan Ladd
in Los Angeles, California
on Feb 5, 1947

Alan Ladd with son David LaddDavid Ladd and Pam Smith in Misty

David Ladd is the son of Alan Ladd, the former husband of Cherly Ladd, and the father of Jordan Ladd. He made ten movies as a boy, incuding a couple with his father. He went on to make twenty more movies as a teen and a young adult, and now has a sucessful career as an acclaimed producer and production executive.

In the photo on the Left, Alan and David watch rushes for The Big Land, in which they appeared together.

Alan Ladd with son David LaddDavid Ladd Life Story comic book

In the photo on the Left David Ladd is visiting his father Alan Ladd on the set of Saskatchewan in 1954. David did not have a role, but they appear to have made him a uniform like his dad's.

Alan Ladd and family Grauman's Chinese TheatreDavid Ladd child star photo

In the photo on the Left Alan Ladd is writing his name in concrete at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. in 1954. Daughter Alana Ladd and wife Sue Ladd are behind him, and David is seated.

David Ladd child actor photoDavid Ladd in The Sad Horse

David Ladd and his older sister Alana Ladd both had uncredited roles in Alan's classic 1953 movie Shane, but I have never been able to find a photo of either of them in it.

David Ladd with a dogDavid Ladd child star photoDavid Ladd boy actor in MistyDavid Ladd child star RaymieDavid Ladd boy in Raymie David Ladd with Alan Ladd The Proud Rebel

David Ladd with Alan Ladd by the poolDavid Ladd in The Sad HorseDavid Ladd boy actor The Sad HorseDavid Ladd child star Raymie.David Ladd in A Dog of FlanfersDavid Ladd in RaymieDavid Ladd child actor in Raymie