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Claude Jarman, Jr.
Born in Nashville, Tennessee
on September 27, 1934

Claude Jarman Jr. promotional portrait

Bashful 11-year-old Claude Jarman, Jr. was plucked from his fifth grade Nashville classroom to play alongside Gregory Peck in the 1946 movie The Yearling, his most memorable role. He made a half-dozen more movies as a teenager then went on to work behind-the-scenes and in other fields. He worked much of his adult life in San Francisco, California and his career included being Director of Cultural Affairs for The City of San Francisco and manager of The San Francisco Opera House.

Claude Jarman Jr. as Jody in The YearlingClaude Jarman Junior boy actor signed photo

Claude Jarman Jr. child star of The YearlingClaude Jarman Jr. child actor with Gregory PeckClaude Jarman Jr. with Jane WymanClaude Jarman Jr. boy actor portrait photo

Claude Jarman Jr. classic child starClaude Jarman Jr. with Shirley Temple Claude Jarman Jr. Teen boy star Shirley TempleClaude Jarman Jr. teen boy portrait photoClaude Jarman Jr. with June Allyson