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Ra Hould
Born Richard Arthur Hould
in Dunedin, New Zealand
on January 21, 1924
aka Ronald Sinclair

Ra Hould child star Ronald SinclairRonald Sinclair child star Ra Hould

Ra Hould was born Richard Arthur Hould. He is probably better known as Ronald Sinclair, the name he used in his adult life as a film editor. But since most of the vintage photos I have credit him as Ra Hould, that is the name I am featuring here.

Ra Hould child actor Ronald SinclairRa Hould classic child star photo Ronald Sinclair

Ronald Sinclair child actor Paramount Pictures photoRonald Sinclair Paramont Pictures child star photoRa Hould boy actor photo Ronald SinclairRonald Sinclair, Ra Hould, photo

Ronald Sinclair promo photoRonald Sinclair as a boy 8x10 photoRonald Sinclair, Ra Hould, 8x10 promo photoRonald Sinclair boy actor photoRa Hould boy star with Santa Claus