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Ann Gillis
Born Alma Mabel Conner
in Little Rock, Arkansas
on February 12, 1927

Ann Gillis child actress photo Little Orphan Annie

Ann Gillis had appeared in some 20 movies by the time she was 12-years-old, but Warner Brothers' hopes that she would become another Shirley Temple never materialized. Shirley Temple was cast as a sweet little girl who loved everyone, and for the most part Warner Brothers gave Ann Gilis roles as a spoiled brat, thus ruining any chance she might have had.

Martha Ann del Valle, Jane Isbell, Ann GillisAnn Gillis child star photo

The photo above shows fan Martha Ann del Valle (Left) with Jane Isbell, Ann's stand-in (center) Ann Gillis (Right) and J. Farrell Macdonald during the filming of Little Orphan Annie. Martha Ann del Valle is a descendant of an old California family. Del Valle Regional Park near Livermore is named after them.

Jane Isbell with Ann Gillis child star photoAnn Gillis child actress

Ann Gillis eating a hot dogAnn Gillis as a young womanAnn Gillis child star photo

Ann Gillis signing photosAnn Gillis in Little Orphan Annie