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Brandon De Wilde
was born Andre Brandon De Wilde
in Brooklyn, New York
on April 9, 1942

Brandon De Wilde in The Missouri Traveler

Brandon De Wilde began his career on stage, appearing in almost 500 Broadway performances of A Member of The Wedding. He also appeared on radio and on early  television. While A Member of the Wedding was his movie debut, he is best remembered for his Oscar nomination performance in Shane. Hedda Hopper dubbed Brandon the king of child actors. Sadly, he died in an automobile accident near Denver, Colorado when he was just 30 years old.

Brandon DeWilde at an early TV stationBrandon de Wilde teen star

305 ~ Brandon De Wilde with Walter Brennan in "Good Bye, My Lady"303 ~ Brandon de Wilde in "Shane."304 ~ Brandon De Wilde with Brian Keith in "Those Calloways"301 ~ Brandon de Wilde

Brandon De Wilde teen star photoBrandon deWilde teen actor photoBrandon DeWilde Missouri Traveler starBrandon DeWilde portrait photoBrandon De Wilde teen boy actor portrait photo

These images are from The Missouri Traveler

Brandon De Wilde Missouri Traveler pictureBrandon De Wilde star of Missouri TravelerBrandon DeWilde teen starBrandon DeWilde teen actorBrandon deWilde teen actor photoBrandon De Wilde teen actor photo

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