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Philippe De Lacy
Born in Nancy, France
on July 25, 1917

Philippe De Lacy in Sarah and Son

Philippe De Lacy was born during a World War I air raid in which his mother was killed. He was adopted by Mrs. Edith DeLacy, who was associated with the Woman's Overseas Hospital. After the war ended, Mrs. DeLacy brought Philippe to America where his stunning looks soon made him a sought after model for advertisements, and eventually brought him to the screen. I have seen several versions of the spelling of Philippe's name and am using the version most often found on the back of vintage prints issued in the 1920s.

Philippe De Lacy in Peter PanPhilippe De Lacy classic child star

Philippe DeLacy child actorPhilippe De Lacy Sarah and Son

Philippe De Lacy signed photoPhilippe DeLacy inscribed photo

I am posting two versions of the same photo so those who collect autographs can compare an early version of Philippe's autograph with a later one.

205 ~ Philippe De Lacy in "Omar the Tentmaker"208~ Philippe as Bobby Ashemore in "Sarah and Son."206 ~ Philippe De Lacy in "Without Benefit of Clergy."207 ~ Philippe DeLacy in "The Blue Boy."

209 ~ Philippe Delacy in "Sarah and Son."201 ~ Philippe DeLacy  in "Sarah & Son."202 ~ Philippe with Anita Louise in "The Marriage Playground."